Toki X Astro Doughnuts Popup

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Sup DC! We'll be opening this Sunday 6.11 from 11am-2pm (or until we sell out) for a popup with Astro Doughnuts. Check out the dope menu below. Call us on 202.388.3086 for more details. Love, Toki

Baller Whisky Flights

Toki is now offering high end Japanese whisky flights from Suntory and Nikka. Three 1oz pours of Yamazaki 18, Hibiki 17 and Taketsuru 21 served with a little cold water. The Yamazaki 18 is rich and full bodied with notes of chocolate and sherry. The Hibiki 17 is a more medium bodied whisky where butterscotch, baking spices and candied orange peel come through. Finally, the Taketsuru 21 is soft and smooth with custard on the nose and a nutty, oaky flavor. At $55, this flight is well below typical cost for such premium spirits and provides a great opportunity to taste the fantastic, varied whiskies produced in Japan!

Introducing Japanese Whisky Flights

Three months ago, when we started offering Sake flights, our sake sales increased significantly beyond what we could have hoped for. We realized that people were interested and wanted to be exposed to this highly diverse product and that by offering an approachable format at a reasonable price we could create a really awesome experience for our guests. 

So following the success of the sake flights, we've started selling Japanese Whisky flights, another product that many people are interested in but are not familiar with. The flight consists of two 12-year single malts from Suntory and a Japanese Bourbon from Nikka. The three are markedly different but also approachable to American whisky/bourbon drinkers and showcase the quality of Japanese whisky.

The Yamazaki 12 is medium bodied and round with notes of toffee and banana. The Hakushu 12 is a little lighter on the palate and in color but has a green, piney quality followed by a peaty smoke, great for scotch lovers. The Nikka Coffey is made from 95% corn and most resembles Bourbon. It's full and rich with notes of vanilla, oak and caramel.


Toki's 7th Birthday Brunch 4.2.17

We're celebrating our 6th Year anniversary this Sunday 4.2.17 from 11.30-2.30pm! $35 for four courses, vegetarian and meat options available. No Ramen! Ceremony Coffee and $8 brunch cocktails including the Toki Monster. Limited reservations available, please call us on 202.388.3086 to book!

Toki's Famous Steam Bun Featured in Eater

Our fried chicken steam buns, served with a sweet chili sauce, varying pickles from no.1 Sons, kewpie mayo, fresh cilantro and Thai basil are a staff and customer favorite. Check out some of the other great DC restaurants selling different styles of bao!



Toki Underground: Elevating Ramen to an Art Form


It seemed to take no time at all for H Street’s Toki Underground to morph from one of D.C.’s hidden gems to one of its worst kept secrets.

The tiny ramen shop opened at the beginning of April, 2011 and within weeks, its twenty seats were some of the most coveted in town. While waits of upwards of an hour were commonplace, many patrons were willing to content themselves with a pint or two at The Pug, the downstairs bar, until they received a text to signify it was their turn. Five years later, Toki still hasn’t lost steam, and it can be as hard as ever to grab a seat during prime-time – although insiders know that their chances of being seated promptly increase quite a bit during lunch hours, which are 11:30 to 2:30 daily.

The word may be out about Toki Underground, but the place still has the inconspicuous signage of a speakeasy, and the décor of a funky hostel for weary backpackers. The interior, which features big-head figurines, a wall made of skateboard pieces and a wrap-around bar decorated with old anime panels, is practically a shrine to Japanese pop culture. A pulsing soundtrack of indie rock and hip-hop helps to contribute to an aura of calculated quirkiness.

Weekend Food Events: Toki Underground Brunches, Potomac Beer...

Late-night kolaches at Dacha: Republic Kolache is popping up again this weekend for all your late-night needs, serving  Texas pastries at the Dacha Market from 9:30 pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday. Look out for news about its  in the near future.

Toki Underground does brunch: The “chef-approved” apparel line Tilit is collaborating with Dirty South Deli and Toki Underground on Friday and Sunday, respectively, offering limited-edition menus at Toki. On Friday starting at 11 am, Dirty South Deli will serve the “Bill Cutting Sandwich,” named after theGangs of New York character, which combines chorizo, queso fundido, pickled jalapenos, avocado and lime. On Sunday from noon to 4 p.m., Toki’s chefs are cooking up a traditional Japanese-style breakfast of smoked sable and catfish, kippered salmon, ferments and housemade Tofu with tomatillo salsa. You can reserve a one-hour slot on Friday or Sunday (or both) for $30

5 Odd Questions With Jonathan Uribe, Toki Underground's New Chef

By Holley Simmons

Last month, Uribe took over the kitchen at Toki Underground, H Street’s (still) white-hot ramen shop. We had a few weird questions for him.

How many unread emails are in your inbox right now?
A very casual 30,589.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
I think all guys have the hots for Lara Croft.

What’s something not a lot of people know about you?
I’ve had more than 10 concussions. And I’ve been hit by a bus and a minivan.

What’s the last movie you saw in theaters?
“Captain America: Civil War.”