Three months ago, when we started offering Sake flights, our sake sales increased significantly beyond what we could have hoped for. We realized that people were interested and wanted to be exposed to this highly diverse product and that by offering an approachable format at a reasonable price we could create a really awesome experience for our guests. 

So following the success of the sake flights, we've started selling Japanese Whisky flights, another product that many people are interested in but are not familiar with. The flight consists of two 12-year single malts from Suntory and a Japanese Bourbon from Nikka. The three are markedly different but also approachable to American whisky/bourbon drinkers and showcase the quality of Japanese whisky.

The Yamazaki 12 is medium bodied and round with notes of toffee and banana. The Hakushu 12 is a little lighter on the palate and in color but has a green, piney quality followed by a peaty smoke, great for scotch lovers. The Nikka Coffey is made from 95% corn and most resembles Bourbon. It's full and rich with notes of vanilla, oak and caramel.